Start of a very long journey

I feel like I’m at the start of a very long journey… You see I have this love for astronomy and have slowly gotten back “in to it” over the past few years since being really interested as a child. I remember my dad taking me out the back garden at the family home in urban South Wales with a crap telescope to look at Saturn & Jupiter in the middle of the night.

My maternal grandfather used to live with us, and his bedroom backed onto the garden. I remember him looking out at us just to make sure we were ok…

I’ve always had a love for science. I’m an atheist and quite a geek. I’ve been a Apple advocate long before it was popular to be one and love a gadget more than most. I’m fortunate that my chosen career (Air Traffic Control) comes with it’s own level of gadgetry and my job has enabled me to pursue my gadgetry interests professionally too.

I’m very lucky that my partner also enjoys astronomy. Away from her employment she is a keen and talented artist, and is keen to explore the possibilities of sketching the night sky. If I were to say that drawing is not one of my strong points it would be a contender for the understatement of the year, so what for me now?

I really enjoy visual observing, but foolishly thought some time ago that I’d like to combine my interest in photography, computers and astronomy into one and have a go at astrophotography and here forth I begin the subject of this introductory post…. the start of a very long journey.

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent and more than competent at dealing with information technology, but this whole astrophotography lark leaves me feeling bemused, frustrated, annoyed, surprised, delighted, depressed all rolled into one. It feels to the newcomer that concepts and techniques are deliberately shrouded in unfathomable terms just to make it much more difficult to understand.

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while as I want to share my learning experiences as I go. I feel that I can’t be the only one that feels this way… or am I, in fact, alone?!

I hope you will join with me on this journey – I would love to receive feedback and comments to my posts. Maybe we can even help each other along the way. So let’s set off!

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