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Cases and storage

So we’ve got all this stuff ands wires and cables and brackets and adapters that all look the same and filters and eyepieces and bits that we really don’t remember buying and have no idea what they are for… and we all live where it’s not great to observe from, so we all have to […]

Aligning the mount

Alignment – sounds more astrology than astronomy! In order for the go-to systems to work, you need to ensure that they are aligned both to the sky map that they have in their “brains”, but also, for one of the types of mount, aligned to the pole star (polaris) too. Before I get into this, […]

Telescope Finders

Why is finding what you want to see so bloody hard? In my equipment list you’ll see that I have a number of different finders for use with my telescopes. The biggest problem when you get under a dark sky (and it’s not cloudy) is finding out what on earth you’re looking at. There are a […]